20 May, 2009

What I Want Wednesday

Welcome to this week's edition of What I Want Wednesday! I think I'm going to do a Pirate theme today. :) Remember, if you've got something you want to share with the group, please create a WIWW post of your own! You don't have to follow my theme; make one of your own. Alrighty? All arms and legs inside the ride? Good, onto pirates... [p.s. click on each of the images to be taken to the shop from which the item was found, mmmkay?]

mamarunswithscissors: Oh my. This is possibly the most darling pirate set I've ever seen, which is a rare thing - pirates and being darling. LOVE IT.

spunksweetshoppe: These cufflinks make me want to buy a suit, just so I can put them in the sleeves.

DogboneArt: I cannot take the perfectness of this shirt. Cupcakes and pirates. My day is made.

Rags2BagzOriginals: I love this bag! It's got the cute polka dot bottom, but combines it with downright awesomeness on top. Plus a ribbon. My heart is yours, pirate purse.

hairshopofhorrors: I highly suggest clicking on this pic and going to this shop. They have some of the greatest hair accessories I've ever seen! Besides the ones I make, of course. :)

And it just wouldn't be right of me to not include the hottest pirate himself, Captain Jack Sparrow. I don't typically like guys in makeup, but Mr. Depp? H.O.T.

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