27 May, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

WHAAAAAAAAAT??!?!? Yesterday was Tuesday? Where did that time go? I'm all mixed up in my days. Bleh. Anyway... Pretend it's still Tuesday because I'm going to participate in the Ten on Tuesday from Ya Know What I Mean anyway. Ready? Okay, here goes.

[10 celebrities you're tired of]
1. Freakin' Britney Spears! I've had enough of hearing about her.
2. Speidi. Otherwise known as Heidi and Spencer.
3. OctoMom
4. TomKat
5. Brangelina [I love this couple only because she's stunning and he's beautiful and their kids are darling, and I am sick of hearing the break-up talk. If they are breaking up, trust me, it's going to be hard enough - leave them be.]
6. LiLo! Egh - lesbian or not lesbian? Publicity stunt.
7. Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus
8. Jonas Brothers
9. Bret Michaels [it doesn't work the first time, it doesn't work the second time, what makes you think it will work the third time?]
10. Amy Winehouse

I know it's not Tuesday but we are still pretending so leave me a comment if you participate, K?

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