27 May, 2009

Medora Snacks Review

Medora Snacks is a company started by a mom who was looking for a snack for her kids that was natural but still good. Boy, did she ever accomplish it! Medora Snacks was started by Linda Fishman and now includes Lu Arcouet. They are a great company to work with; super nice and always responsive, which I believe translates directly to the quality of the product they produce.

They sent me TONS of treats to test out! I was able to try:

- Baked Sotos in Cinnamon Streusel
Super light and crispy, just enough flavor to leave you wanting more. LOVE them.

- Pucci pizza snacks in Classic
In all seriousness, imagine your typical cheese pizza. This snack tastes JUST like that. It was a really weird sensation, actually! I became highly addicted to these. :)
- Pucci pizza snacks in Tomato Basil
Again, tastes just like pizza. This flavor was a bit stronger and more spicy, but had the same addicting quality. I love, love, LOVE the Pucci pizza snacks!

- Pogos in White Cheddar
The texture of this little zig-zag crisp was insane. Incredibly light and fluffy, yet still enough crunch for you to know it was there. I’m a huge white cheddar fan; these were a little different than most white cheddars I’ve tried but still super yummy.

- Corners in Sea Salt
These remind me of rice cakes, which for me, is a good thing. I love rice cakes! They are actually popped corn, which I thought was really cool. They were light but substantial. I loved the flavor – very lightly dusted with a real salt.
- Corners in Zesty Ranch
Again, loved these. I’m a HUGE ranch fan so these were the first bag opened and they were devoured quickly. Turbo and I shared them – he loves ranch, too. :)

All in all, I absolutely loved everything I tried. All had a great flavor and great texture but are still natural and pretty good for your body. I can pronounce all ingredients in the list and know what each and every one of them are, and that’s a great thing! My verdict? Rush out and buy some of these. They really are a great snack that’s great for you.

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Medora Snacks here.


  1. The pizza snacks really do taste like pizza, Kendahl shared. They were really good. So were the sea salt things. I liked those the best but I'm a salt addict.

  2. I took my grandson to a free carseat inspection as we walked a round to the diffrent tables I saw the free snacks they were offering. we tried a bag and he ask for more. He doesnt like anything. I was so suprise that this baby ask for more I had to ask were could I buy them from the guy said he had no ideal but let me take extra bags. I went online to see where i might be able to purchese thes wonderful chips from. EVERONE THERE WERE RAVIN ABOUT HOW WONDERFUL THESE CHIPS WERE AND ASKING WERE TO BUY THEM FROM You have a new market place here in Rochester N.Y Beverly


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