20 May, 2009

LittleMissMatched Review

I was able to review a set of socks from LittleMissMatched. This company is SO cute! Here is a little about them, from their site:
I’m LittleMissMatched and it’s been my mission to: 1) solve the age-old problem of the disappearing sock, 2) transform everyday products into necessary accessories, 3) give kids of all ages permission to express themselves and 4) allow girls to be girls for as long as they want.

But socks were just the beginning. I've got all kindsa stuff that'll knock your boring white socks off! From books to bedding, PJ’s to pencil pouches and flip flops to furniture, I’m all about creativity and individuality. I want you to express yourself!

My innovative products are fashion forward AND evergreen. And best of all, they balance high quality, ingenuity, and FUN!

The media, celebrities and retailers alike have fallen madly in love with yours truly! Why? Cuz who else lets you: 1) be as missmatched as you wanna be, 2) go crazy with your creativity, 3) unleash your inner child to come out and play?!

Told you they were a cute company.

LittleMissMatched sent me the socks to review in honor of a national holiday that some of you may not know exists. It’s Lost Sock Memorial Day [celebrated May 9th every year]. You can learn more about the Holiday here. There are games and crafts to celebrate lost socks, and all sorts of other fun things, plus more about the day itself.

You know what’s great about LittleMissMatched? You never have to worry about a lost sock! They come in sets of three rather than pairs, and they don’t match. Ever. On purpose! I have OCD and was a little worried about non-matching socks bothering me, but I seriously love them. They are so freaking cute and not to mention, really super comfy. They are fabulously soft and not too thick.

Another great thing was the packaging. My set of socks had all sorts of fun things to do on the package! Not your average boring cardboard sock holder. It had a personality quiz, a color wheel, and also a postcard to design your own socks! It says that you get a free surprise if you send it in; you can count on me sending it in. I’m so juvenile sometimes, but I have a great sock idea in my head. :)

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from LittleMissMatched here.


  1. these socks are so cute. i just started following your blog and im tryign to build mine so i was wondering if youd do the same. thanks

  2. Those are adorable! I don't wear socks, but those make me wish I did. :)


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