15 May, 2009

Friday 5

I [think] this may be my 100th post! OMG it does not feel like it. Jeepers. Anyway, I'm going to do last week's 5 and this week's 5 since I didn't get to do it last week. So just hang in there with me, mmkay?

Friday 5 for 05/08:
What’s your favorite card game?
Phase 10! But no one will ever play it with me because I always win. :(

What’s your favorite roll-the-dice-and-move game?
Disney Monopoly

What’s your favorite playground game?
Wow, it's been awhile since I played any playground game. My favorite in school was always Smear the Queer (SO not politically correct nowadays) or Jungle Ball.

What’s your favorite party game?
LOL What type of party? Hehe, waterfalls is pretty fun for a drinking game but non-drinking game, Twister!

What’s your favorite computer game?
Bloons Tower Defense 3

Friday 5 for 05/15:

[First, can I say that this is 5 questions about friends and I have very few of those... so yah, just deal with it.]

Which of your friends is the most frugal?
Erm, I dunno. Can I say me?

Which of your friends is the biggest spendthrift?
My mom!!!!!

Which of your friends is the most daring?

Which of your friends is the most cautious?

Which of your friends has the hottest temper?
Again, Shelby

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  1. Ba ha! I'm a mean scaredy cat. That fits perfectly.


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