29 April, 2009

What I Want Wednesday

Today's edition of What I Want Wednesday will focus on my current craving... CUPCAKES! Really, does that surprise you? :)

A Touch Of Stardust: pleated cupcake purse. Darling.

My Other Princess: pink lemonade cupcake bath fizzy. Um, YUM?!

Sugar Plums Cupcakery: kiwi lime cupcake parfait. I want to eat it. NOW.

drinacat: cupcake birthday set. Anyone out there with a small, chubby daughter, I'm begging you. Please get them this for their next birthday, then take pictures, and send them to me. I can't stand the cuteness of this outfit!

Boojiboo: I'm a little biased to this particular apron because it's one I already own, but still. It's the cutest apron on the planet.

That will do it for today's WIWW. Please feel free to participate and if you do, comment! Thanks!


  1. You already have a cupcake purse stinker. You don't need another one!

  2. oh my goodness! in NO way is this your fault at all.. oh man, no way! haha.. i did find the etsy place through your blog but you have NO control over that crappy company! ugh, i'm just anxious for a response! what sort of company is this??


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