24 April, 2009

My 'Thanks' Post

I have to give some thanks today for some really awesome prizes I've won through other giveaways.

My very first blog giveaway win came from Valerie at Sweeps4Bloggers and was a gorgeous freshwater pearl bracelet. I don't typically like pearls, but I love this bracelet. The pearls aren't perfectly round and just the way it's put together... it's gorgeous.

My second win came from Making Memories and is this freaking awesome desktop carousel. I've had my eye on this thing for months and never in a million years imagined I would actually win! I was ECSTATIC.

My third win came from FeedYourPig and was a $25 gift code to MyBodiBar.com. This place rocks! You get to build your own lotions, shower gels, whatever you want! I built a tanning lotion and ordered, and got an e-mail from Scott, one of the owners, saying they were throwing in a bodi gel for free. WHAT?! I was so excited to get them in the mail. They are both scented with cherry pineapple, which smells absolutely amazing.

So, I owe huge thanks to Sweeps4Bloggers, Making Memories, FeedYourPig and MyBodiBar for all of the great things I've received from them.

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  1. Hi Kendahl!

    Youv'e got an award on my blog!



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