24 April, 2009

Friday 5

Welcome to this week's edition of Friday 5! To participate, go to their site and post the questions, with your answers, on your blog. Please leave me a comment if you do it so that I can check your answers out.

What’s the most annoying sound in the world?
This is really weird, but I seriously hate the sound of someone whistling songs. The whistle to get your dog's attention, or kid's, or whatever; that's okay. When it turns into a song, please just kill me.

Which of other people’s mannerisms do you find very annoying?
I just recently developed an absolute hatred for nail-biting. My husband does it, and I used to, but when I realized how annoying it was for me to hear him do it, I quit. I also get annoyed by lying for no reason, pretending to be someone you're not to fit in, and doing things just because no one else does them (sometimes that just makes you the jackass, k?). I'm annoyed a lot. :)

What do you do that really annoys others?
I'm not sure. I know I tend to talk a lot, which annoys me so I'm sure it annoys others. I also brag about my cat, which is stupid and I feel like a cat dork but for some reason, I can't help myself.

In what way has your own behavior recently caused you annoyance?
Bragging about my cat. For real. I love the little guy and like to talk about him. I am the cat lady or something. If any of you ever hear me doing it, just hit me. I've also been over-using the exclamation point, which drives me up the wall.

Who’s the most annoying person you know?
Hmm. There aren't any people who I hang out with that annoy me, but the one person that stands out is this stupid girl we camped with at the sand dunes over Easter weekend. I could have thrown her in the fire, she was so annoying. Loud and obnoxious and convinced everyone at the dunes wanted her body. Yuck.


  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Haha, I found your answers to the questions funny! ^^
    It's funny cause I love to whistle songs! I think it also annoys people, but I do it cause I get bored easily. XD Which is also why I bite my nails. I do it mostly cause I'm bored or nervous.

    I think bragging about your cat is sweet. =) I know I do it a lot when it comes to my dog. But I think when someone talks a lot about their pet it just means that they love their pet a lot!

  2. You ARE the crazy cat lady but it's okay because I think I might be the crazy dog lady? I love my Gauge! Mom and Dad are never getting any more real grandchildren just grandanimals.

  3. Whistling bothers me too... Especially when someone is whistling in the car. That shrill noise in a small space bouncing off the walls drives me nuts. I played too! Come check out my answers, HERE!

  4. I love it! I am the opposite of you when it comes to whistling. I can handle a song but nothing else!! Check my answers!


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