01 April, 2009

Bubble Planners Review

Because of the great girls over at Extraordinary Mothers, I was able to do a review for a Bubble Planner. This planner is great! Not only is it cute (zebra background with pink writing) but it allows me to think not just in time-slots or schedules like most planners. Coming from someone with ADHD, this is really helpful! It is more picture-oriented, and I like that. Plus, it’s more than just a planner. It has separate sections for goal-setting, project management, task management, calendars and lists. I really like using this planner.

I also had the great opportunity to review their grocery list pad. This thing rocks! At the top, it has a list of really common grocery items and you can just put a check next to the things you need. Then, it has two columns below that with 40 blank spaces for more items. I love that it has two columns because I am a bargain shopper. I spend about an hour before I go shopping reviewing the ads so that I can price-match it all at Walmart. With the two columns, I use one for the item I need and across from it, I put the lowest price and what ad it is in.

I would definitely recommend either of the things I reviewed from Bubble Planners, and I’m sure the rest of their items are just as helpful and fun.

Buy it!
You can purchase any of the great items from Bubble Planners here. I highly recommend them!


  1. Oh the grocery list looks fantastic! I want one of those too.

  2. i so need anything that would help me to be better organized:)


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