11 March, 2009

What the #@*$ did I do?!

You know those days when NOTHING seems to go right? Augh! Is today ever one of those days.
First, let me say hi to all my new followers. It's good to see those numbers climbing and I'm glad to have you all here! Let me also say that I'm not always this angry. I've got the rage today, and I apologize.

I thought today was going to be a good day. I actually slept in until 9 (my body typically wakes me up around 7:30, don't know why). That's good. Then, my fantastic pen pal Miranda sent me some fabulous bath salts to try yesterday (I will be posting a review on those) and I took a bath with some lovely strawberry bath salts. That's great! My hair actually straightened (it's naturally curly)... See, it all started out well. Then, I decided to go tanning (I know, bad me, slap on the wrist, I get it - tanning is bad).

So I get there and get all set up and lay in the bed, and hit the button to turn the bed on... nothing. No lights, no sound, nothing. I spend like 5 minutes searching to see if there is another button or something I'm missing, but there is NADA! Re-dressing myself, I walk out to see what my deal is and the lady tells me the button is on the outside of the booth. WTF?!? That makes no sense. How am I supposed to start my bed if the button is outside of where I am laying, nekkid? Der. Anyway, then I go to Walmart which is just a plain crappy place to go. Earlier while on Twitter, Sweet Tooth Fairy posted a pic of cupcakes with a peach ring on them. Peach rings!? On a cupcake!? So I had to go try them out. On my way, some jack@$$ cuts me off and then stops in the lane - I'm doing 65 coming up on him, slam on my brakes, groceries go flying, all that. And then, HE FLIPPED ME OFF! WHAT?!? I was driving in my lane, like most people like to do while in a lane of traffic when you pulled out and stopped in front of me. I wanted to get out and rip his face off. Then, C calls and tells me that his truck motor is finally done (it's been at the builder's for over 6 months now), but bad news. It's going to be $3,000 more than we had expected. GRR. I'm SO over today. Can it be Thursday now?

Anyway, thanks for hanging in there with me. I wanted to introduce you to the only thing to have really made my day a fraction better. Well, two things really.

Hi! I'm peanut butter cake bite. See that spot where my nose used to be? Well, it fell off while we were driving home. And then it went in between Kendahl's seat, which really makes her mad. (She's kind of anal about keeping her car clean.) I also dove after it but just ended up on Kendahl's pants, leaving a huge chocolate mark. I feel kinda bad about that.

This is my inside. I look delicious, don't I? Well, I am. I taste pretty much like peanut butter covered in chocolate, which is sheer perfection. Move over, Reese's; I'm coming through.

Hi there! My name is heaven. Okay, not really; it's peach cupcake. I have little pieces of peach in my cake. How great is that?! Plus, I have a peach ring on top. And my lightly flavored peach frosting is 100% awesomeness in your mouth. I don't know that it could get any better than me, really... See that little ding there on the side of my cupcake head? Yah, that happened on our drive home. My cute plastic holder decided to make a break for it and took me along for the ride. Unfortunately, all he managed to do was roll off the seat, leaving my frosting a mess. There is a message here: wear your seatbelt.

So, if you are still reading, I apologize for the length of this post and want to say sorry if I've offended you or cut you off in traffic or made fun of your child or something. I want this bad karma off my back! And thanks for your time.



  1. I'm sorry that you had a bad day! Mine was pretty awful as well. What did we do this weekend that has made Karma so mad at us? A cake with sick orange fondant? Was that the kicker? I hope your night gets better. Love you :)

  2. Wow...i am glad today is nearly over for you. the good thing about day is there is night with rest and creativity stirring in our sleepy heads and then there is day again so we can release it all. much love, mickey

  3. Lets talk cupcakes for a sec.....Have you tried cupcake chic?? I had one, you can read my review on my blog. :( is all I can say!! I am on my bakery mission now that the weather is a little better again!! I'm thinking at least one new bakery a week?? Let me know if your up for a serious sugar high!!!


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