08 March, 2009

Sassy Apron Giveaway

Today is International Women's Day! Take some time out for yourself today, I'm sure you deserve it because all of the women I know do.

In honor of the day, Sassy Apron has offered a fantastic giveaway for one of you fabulous women out there! This is one I wish I was on the other side for. :) First, let me give you some info on Sassy Apron (from her Etsy shop):

Hi, my name is Lana and I am a fabric-holic. My addiction: Amy Butler's fabrics. I have over 50 Amy Butler designs in stock right now, I am addicted to her prints. And I know I'm not the only one.

I learned how to sew when I was a little girl and I've been sewing ever since. My dolls had the best clothes in the neighborhood :) My designs are original and unique; they come from my imagination and are handmade by me, one by one.

I love aprons and I have so much fun making sassy aprons. I can't cook much, but for sure, I can do it in style. So move over Betty Crocker, here I come!

She is offering you one of her adorable artsy aprons:

How FREAKING cute is this apron?!

Now, this giveaway is a little different and will require just a tad bit of thinking on your part. There will only be one entry per person, and to get that entry, I need you to answer this question:

How do you express yourself?

Tell me what you do for yourself - not for the kids or the husband or anyone else; for YOU. It can be something as simple as creating your favorite dish, to sewing a cute pillow, to reading your favorite book; whatever you do! My answer would be anything crafty. There is nothing more I love than making bows and cute wall decor, etc.

Punk and I will be reading the entries and deciding the winner together. Contest runs until March 21st at midnight, MST. Open to US/Canadian readers.


  1. Love that apron!
    I express myself through my artwork!

    She has other aprons I love too like:

    Sweet Tooth - Pink Cupcakes Sassy Apron and
    The Jeannie Sassy and Chic Apron

    I probably won't win, I am the first poster.

    I am having a giveaway on my blog to. Stop by if you can.


  2. What do I do for myself.. what a difficult question. Well... I always find time each day to spend even 5 minutes reading something. Anything. It's my small moments of escape.

  3. How cute, I have never had one ! I read when I go to bed for a bit, it's the only time in the day I'm away from kids.

  4. LOVE this apron!
    I express myself through my baking, and although I love sharing my creations with family and friends, its the challenge of creating something delicious that I love! :)

  5. i express myself thru my random crafts... sewing felties, making stuff for swaps... even writing page upon page (completely mirror image style backwards) in a sketchbook...

  6. As a Mommy of 6 (soon to be 7) kids, it sometimes is hard to find my own time. I express myself through my love of cooking and baking. I am always making up unique recipes for my family to try. I also just started to teach myself how to sew.
    I have a collection of aprons to go with my love of cooking. This apron looks so cute!!

  7. That apron is adorable! I express myself through my photography.

  8. Love the apron and her whole store!

    I express myself by playing outdoors. Whether it's walking the dogs in the park, camping in the woods or sitting on my porch enjoying the sunshine I just love to be outdoors.

  9. I express myself through a lot of things! I tote around a purse with my favorite movie on it, I bring my Kermit Lunchbox to work, and I am constantly trying to make things out of vintage items to give them life and purpose again, and my favorite thing of all is creating my own creatures from clay:) I'm proud to be an artist:)

    I love your apron it is so cute, It makes me want to get in the kitchen and cook just so I can wear it!
    Marie Isabella


  10. I express myself through my blog. I know not very original, but it is the truth. As a single mom I don't have a lot of me time! So when Brea sets down to watch a movie I hop on the laptop and blog! I love leaving comments and reading blogs and of course making my own posts. It is the one time every day that I can be completely me that is until Brea insists it is time to stop. Like now,

  11. nothing.....I'll make up for lost time in a few years.

  12. What I do for myself is go to yardsales and antique stores. Oh, what fun I have! I always get alot of good bargains. Afterwards, I go and get a brownie sundae at braums icecream. yummy! thanks jacquecurl@gmail.com

  13. Good question!

    I think I express myself most through my work, which is writing (painstakingly working on a novel at the moment, as well as my blog).

    Then again, I also express myself in so many other ways: how I decorate my house, the plants I grow, the things I like to cook and bake, the necklaces I make and wear. I think someone could get a pretty good idea of who I am just by looking at what I create and surround myself with--which is a good thing as I'm generally pretty laconic :)

    (Btw, I'm @domicileblog on Twitter).

  14. OK - I am pretty fickle. Depending on what mood I am in I may express myself in a variety of ways and have several unfinished projects. When the urge strikes I will pick these up again. I am a beader but have about 10 projects going that are now in limbo. I also like to draw - again, I may go on a binge and then not touch my pencils for months. Lately I have been having the urge to sew, which I have not done in 10 years. I think it drives my husband crazy because I spend a fortune on craft supplies and finish like 10 % of what I start. I recently started silohetes of the girls, but only completed 2 of the three....

    The thing is when I DO complete something, I am usually pretty proud of it. I have sold quite a bit of my jewelry, we have my drawings displayed in the living room and I created these fabulous painted, personalized and embellished cork boards for the girls rooms.

  15. I recently began making jewelry and then decided than I would begin wearing only, or mostly, the jewelry I make. I also have fairly recently decided to fill my brain with the wonderful, classic literature out there that I've not yet read; currently I'm working through Dickens and often just go to bed early to read!!!

  16. I take pictures of landscapes. It's just for me and it relieves so much stress. Plus at the end I get to hand my photographs on the wall or give as gifts.

  17. That's not hard at all! I'm a paper artist! I scrapbook, I create cards, and I create all kinds of wonderful projects! I use my art to show who I am and what I care about! I love it! It makes me so happy!

    This apron is amazing! I love it!!!

  18. I express myself through my shoes. I try to get shoes that not many people have, and that are suuuuper pretty/colorful/fun. I also love to scrapbook and make earrings, and look for interesting home decor.
    erin_melissa at juno dot com

  19. Okay - well, this might sound sort of "cliche" regarding what the giveaway prize is - but I TOTALLY love to cook and bake! There's just something so calming about being in the kitchen whippin' up some yummies! :) Also...maybe this sounds weird - but I love to vacuum my car! I'm kinda anal about my car anyway (also, did I mention I also love auto-mechaincs? I know. Weird. I'm a girly-girl that also happens to love cars - weird? yes.) - so I really enjoy seeing the carpeting all nice and clean, and a nice-clean, waxed outside is perfect too!

    contact me at:

  20. I express myself through two things, yoga and journal writing. I feel so peaceful after yoga and extremely relaxed. My journal writing is so important to me. I can think much more clearly when I have written my thoughts down on paper. I also think that keeping a journal is important for the future, to be able to look back on events and to see how much I have grown because of them.

    p.s. I love, love, love the apron and I love to cook, so honestly, I would wear it all the time.

  21. First of all, THANK you for turning me on to Sassy Aprons! I just bought one for my mother's birthday yesterday and she LOVED it! I love them, too, and Lana was so great about getting one made and shipped in time to make my mom's birthday! I enjoy cooking, but a REALLY special treat for me is to go up to the pasture on a sunny day, string up the hammock between two trees and settle myself into it with a light-hearted paperback. I look up into the tree branches overhead, listen to the birds, and pretty soon a donkey nose or two will show up and start nuzzling my arm or leg. Now THAT is heaven for me, a rare moment that I REALLY treasure when I can do it.

  22. I am OBSESSED with the new susie sprinkles aprons! So cute! I definetly express myself through my jewelry making. It's one of the few things that allows me to stop thinking so much. I get into a groove and just wrap, string and crimp away. I do a lot with wire work and I make these fabulous swarovski button rings. I am new to Etsy so I don't have a site up and runnin' yet but keep your eye out for a lot of sparkle! I love supporting fellow crafters just like I support local farmers with my vegetarianism! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Did I mention my whole family is CRAZY about aprons?!
    Contact Me: Erin R (coconutcurls@hotmail.com)

  23. I found your blog thru her etsy shop--I have one of her aprons already and LOVE IT!

    I express myself through blogging. And scrapbooking.I love scrapbooking.

  24. Shhh...I write..poems and songs bur no one knows.

  25. I am always searching for something to brighten my home and kitchen! I think one of these aprons and some sexy heels - could heat up my love life - with my hubby!!
    Jennifer at persnicketypeople@yahoo.com

  26. I express myself through baking...I bake everything! Breads, brownies, cookies, cakes. I started cake decorating classes, and I bake and decorate one cake a week (I'm a full time master's student so 1 cake is all I have time for.) I give away all my baked goods (I would be way too fat if I didn't haha) to my friends, family, and classmates. I just love baking, and its the one thing that really relaxes me, and the one craft I've ever taken up that I've stuck with.

    It's so funny and great timing that I found these giveaways because I've just decided I need aprons since I'm so messy when I bake. And these aprons are absolutely the cutest!

  27. I express myself through creating new recipes. I love throwing different ingredients together to create tasty dishes. The problem is if someone really likes it and wants the recipe I can never remember exactly all that went into it. So I call it my one time dish. It is relaxing though. Thank you!

  28. What do I do for myself? Well now that my kids are in college I was left with lots of time to do things for myself. Though it was hard at first I have learned. I craft cards for one thing but I guess my favorite passion in life is blogging. Each friday on my blog I have a Frugal Friday post. This is one of my favorite things to do is teach others how to be frugal in their life.

    I also love to garden. Get in touch with nature and the ground.

  29. How do I express myself?
    I've been trying to figure out exactly that for quite a few years now...

    I've always like baking, years ago I took culinary arts classes. (That was awesome) Then I stopped baking. I don't know why. I definitely missed it. Very recently, I've been baking at least once a week. That definitely makes me feel "like me".

    I've always read novels. I go on book-buying sprees every once in awhile, and some weekends I spend all day reading. Reading fiction, just for the sake of reading it, is definitely me. I don't even usually remember much of the books I read. I just like reading them.

  30. you know... I really love to express myself through things i give. I love to sew bags, clothes and give them as gifts, along with a sweet card made by me. I feels good to give something you made yourself!!


  31. I LOVE creating things out of polymer clay and scrapbooking.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  32. What an awesome apron! Let's see- for myself...I dream about winning this fabulous apron! Seriously, how does a mom find time to do things for herself without becoming selfish about it? Every time I get involved in my own project, I feel guilty. Wearing a pretty apron while doing my chores that I'd be doing anyway makes me feel special. :)

  33. As women, despite being wonderfully strong and ambitious, we are also usually selfless with others. I find "me time" is important to keep myself rejuvenated and animated about life. My favorite me-time activity is creating my own unique jewellery and cooking up healthy kitchen concoctions (my own recipes). It would be great to have a cute apron to assist me with the latter activity that I adore! (email is caroleena at gmail)

  34. I’m not exactly sure how to enter, but I will post here and I hope that this is okay (especially since those aprons are unbelievably adorable and I’d love a shot at one). Here goes:

    As a woman with many commitments and obligations, I find that many of the ways that I express creativity often ends up serving the others in my life. When I was single, I would often sketch, paint or work on digital art to express myself creatively. Now, I find that when I am painting or working on photoshop, it is often create a birthday present for someone, or work on a friend’s wedding invitations, or to help out with a co-workers latest project or some other down-to-earth, tangible project.

    However, while my creations may be used to help others, I don’t perceive them are selfless acts. When I’m with my art, I am still happy, I am still expressing myself—I actually view it as an added bonus when I can make someone happy or help someone out while indulging my inner creativity. An example of this lies in one of my most recent projects. Did you ever grow up with paper dolls? They came in books, and you would cut them out of the book, along with various clothing and accessories that had tabs on them, so that you could wrap the tabs around the dolls and change their outfits?

    Recently, I made a little paper doll book featuring my fiance and me; I used photoshop to create cartoon versions of us, and I made lots of interchangeable outfits and accessories. It was a random project that I worked on to express my creativity, however, I gave it to him during a time where my job was causing me to travel heavily and had to be apart from him. He found it so adorable and sweet. It was because he found so much joy in the project, that I especially enjoyed the time I spent expressing myself through the work. For me, I find self-expression the greatest when it creates positive reactions in others.

    But if we’re talking about completely selfish things that I do entirely for myself, I have some outlets. It’s harder to indulge in them as I get older and have more commitments in my life, but I still somehow find a way. One of the ways, is that I write essays: for myself, to analyze life and social constructs, for fun, for humour. Sometimes these essays are stashed away and never shown to another living soul. Sometimes, I submit them to magazines or enter them into contests. However, whatever their fate, I feel so liberated, so happy, so expressive, when I am writing.

    There are also the more subtle things I do to express myself: like paint each of my toe-nails a different colour, or wear interesting accessories (a satin bow around the neck can be considered cute and chic, right?), or try a new technique with make-up. These things can be so subtle, but they infuse my daily routine with a spurt of my individual self-expression and creativity. These are things that allow me to explore myself and find happiness in who I am as an individual.


    What do I do for myself? Well, that is actually a very easy question. I make things. Depending on my mood I either sew, dye fabric, quilt, make jewelry, paint things, or make something I've never made before. I love being given a challenge and figuring out how to make something that fits with that challenge. If I'm being crabby my husband will actually tell me to go downstairs to make something...ALWAYS makes me feel better!

  36. I love to get away by myself on a Saturday morning and go to garage sales. I can find so many good things for all the members of the family and most of my home decor is from these sales. I get so many compliments on things and they can't believe they are not new things. This year I have also made a commitment to read the entire Bible in a year. I am a little behind schedule now but I intend to get caught up. Very cute apron. I don't have an apron but love all the pretty ones that are popular now. Thanks for the chance to win.

  37. I am in love with this apron! I express myself a lot of different ways but mostly through food(this sucks lately since I'm dieting) but I have found I bake and cook differently depending on my mood. Recently my love for sweets has allowed me to be expressive in cupcake form and sugar art which my husband and 2 toddlers have enjoyed.

  38. I express myself through my community service

  39. Very pretty Apron.
    I express myself through cooking and blogging.

  40. THese are the cutest aprons! I blog to express myself. I used to write stories and a journal but now I went public and I love it.

  41. I express myself through photography and dancing.

  42. I read books and watch old movies just for me.

  43. LOVE the aprons!!!

    What I do for myself? Run, I need to get back into that. i love to run since it clears my head. Also I started trying all the local coffee shops in my area and write reviews on them. It keeps me busy and I get to enjoy coffee!

  44. How cute, I have never had one! Thank you!

  45. I express myself through my writing.I love
    to write, and it is one thing that is private
    to me



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