18 March, 2009

My Other Princess Review

So, I have this pen pal named Miranda. She's super nice and makes some really adorable scrapbooking stuff, found here. Definitely check her shop out.

That's not the end though. She ALSO runs a shop where she sells bath stuff here. She sent me some bath salts, and can I just tell you? They were AMAZING! She sent me some peach and some strawberry. They both smell super yummy and add just enough scent to your bath, so that you know they are there but they aren't too strong. My gosh, I love them! Plus, she has some of the cutest flower clips in her pictures! Oh, they look like some that I make? That's because they are. :) Don't pretend you don't love me. I sent her some cute hairclips and she took pictures of her stuff with them in there because she is cool like that!

Make sure you check her and her shops out because she has a very creative mind and some really yummy-looking cupcake bath bombs.


  1. Awe thank you. Very much appreciated. I really enjoy following and reading your blog. Some great finds!

  2. Those cupcake bombs look awesome! Are you sure they are not edible?

  3. Those cupcake bombs look delicious! I like the flower clips, too.


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