24 March, 2009

Food Reviews

I have a few new places I have tried recently and wanted to let you all know about them!

First off, we have Guru's Cafe. This place ROCKS. I had heard a lot about them and finally decided it was time to try them. It wasn't at all what I had expected; when you hear "cafe" you think small tables and a cash register. Or at least, I do. Guru's is in a great location on Center Street in Provo (Utah) and has fantastic decor! You order at the cash register and then they bring the food out to you, then clean up the table for you. All of the people I interacted with were super friendly, and the food was awesome!! I got the Thai peanut pasta and sweet potato fries and was in heaven. The fries were the best sweet potato fries I've ever had, and they came with a sauce that was slightly spicy; not enough to make your nose run but just enough to let you know it's there. They were great. Then there was the pasta... I am typically a pretty light eater. On many occasions, my 7-year old eats more than I do. But not with this pasta! I finished every last bite, and trust me, I was FULL after like the first four bites. It was super yummy. I highly suggest eating here if you are anywhere near Provo.

Second, there is Sub Zero ice cream. Let me first tell you that I am a huge ice cream fan. I could eat ice cream for every meal and have it for dessert too, and still not be sick of it. We were in the area and I decided I wanted to try it. I wasn't really sure what to expect when I went in! The first things I saw were these huge silver tanks with what look like big faucets attached. Weird. Second thing I notice is that it's basically Coldstone. At least, that's what I thought! The girl asks if I've ever been in and I say no, so she explains to me "Here are the flavors, you can pick as many as you want. And here are the mix-ins, you get one free. And this is the type, you basically pick how much fat you want in it!" I laughed at that. Give me full fat, please! So, I go with my fallback ice cream. Amaretto-flavored cream, I went with the premium cream which is what they said was closest to regular ice cream (and the highest fat content) with maraschino cherries and cookie dough mixed in. (Aisha, remember this?! Yes, I still eat this and yes, people still give me funny looks when I order it.) I was already psyched because A) they had amaretto flavoring and B) they had maraschino cherries already chopped in half, ready to be mixed in. At Coldstone, you have to get someone willing to pick the cherries out of the jar and pull the stems off to get it in your ice cream. At this point, the girl is holding a big silver bowl with cherries, cookie dough, and liquid. I'm thinking; this is not ice cream, lady! Then, she puts it up to the huge silver thing with the faucet and turns it on, and BOOM, what looks like dry ice smoke everywhere! Turns out, they make their ice cream using cryogenic technology, so basically they super-fast freeze the liquid into ice cream. Weird, huh? Well, it was fabulous. Seriously amazing. And I was totally entertained by the process. The texture is not identical to ice cream, but I like it MORE, which says a lot because I am hyper-sensitive about textures. Try it! Right now, it only looks like they have locations in Utah and Idaho, but they are a franchise and I would expect that to change because they are awesome!!

I could have sworn I had somewhere else to write about, but I can't remember right now. Sometime soon, I will be making my way to Blue Lemon Bistro so you can expect a review of that too. :)

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  1. Haha! I love it!! I will admit I have eaten your random concoction many times! Great memories :) Never been to Sub Zero, I have pulled into their parking lot MANY times only to turn around and go to coldstone cause the line was out the door! LOVE Guru's! You will find me there at least once a week! And I have been begging my husband to go to Lemon Bistro with me, but its something with the word 'bistro' that keeps him away...


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