20 February, 2009

Sweet Tooth Fairy Review

Okay, I have to admit... If I could have an affair with a food, it would be cupcakes. I love cupcakes. I think they are the greatest idea any foodie ever had. And I love "cupcake porn". I stalk a lot of cupcake bloggers, but there is one in particular who always manages to make me drool just with pictures. I sit and imagine the cupcakes and how they would taste and I just die. But that's just it, it was always imagining. Until yesterday!

I finally made my way to The Sweet Tooth Fairy bake shop in Provo, and I can tell you that I was not disappointed! Now, I feel really bad because I literally spent 20 minutes in there talking to one of the owners, and after all that, I didn't even get his name. Seriously, I'm a brat. I know that it is Megan's brother but I didn't get his name and he was the nicest guy ever! He shared tips with me on making fondant (he said to always use Satin Ice, I think it was called), and he let me try a cake bite (HOLY DELECTABLE!!!), and we chatted about my infatuation with cupcakes. We even talked about credit unions. I can't believe I didn't get his name. I'm rude.

ANYWAY, onto the cupcakes. Sweet, tantalizing cupcakes. I tried the red velvet cupcake, the vanilla cupcake, and the strawberry cupcake. I also bought a black and white cookie. Let me start off by telling you, I don't usually like chocolate. But this cookie was calling my name. And I'm glad it did. Boy, was it good! The frosting was almost a coconut-ish vanilla flavor and it was DIVINE! All of the cupcakes were absolutely melt-in-your-mouth soft and moist and had amazing flavor without being too much. The vanilla was incredible, the red velvet was to die for, but the strawberry? There are no words to describe the amazing-ness of the strawberry frosting. It tastes like it was made straight out of a strawberry. It was SOOOOOO good. Like, good enough that I licked it off of the top of the box when the cupcake was gone. Seriously. I shared these with my sister Shelby who is also heavily infatuated with cupcakes, and her reviews were the same. Fabulous cupcakes. Needless to say, I had cupcakes for lunch yesterday (really).

If you are anywhere near the shop (1227 S. University Avenue in Provo), I really recommend going. Not only are their cupcakes spectacular but the people are wonderful and the shop is darling! Stop in and I dare you to try only one. It's ridiculously hard. If you are on the freeway to somewhere South, get off of the University Avenue exit, go North, and take a right at 1200 South. It's smack-dab in the middle of The Quilted Bear and Hogi Yogi.

I love this place, and I pretty much promise you will, too. Now go and get a cupcake!


  1. *sheepishly raises hand* Hello I'm Shelby and I have a baked goods addiction. I'm also the Shelby mentioned in the above. Kendahl did share these amazing little treats yesterday and I did fall in love. I make a mean black and white cookie. Better then the bakeries in New York, better then any other black and white cookie I've ever tried. Maybe I'm just a cookie snob? But, let me tell you, when that black and white made its way to my mouth, I fell and I fell hard. These cookies put mine to shame! Like cowering in a dark corner, never come out again shame. I LOVE THEM! Stop by this bakery and give 'em a try, it was delicious.

  2. I too LOVE the sweet tooth fairy!! I was the one standing outside with my face pressed against the glass doors waiting for her to open her shop!! Cake bites are my favorite! They are AMAZING, along with their black and white cookie. I've only have there vanilla cupcake, but it was equally amazing. So glad I've found baking lovers like me, I was starting to feel left out! And yes satin ice is the ONLY way to go!! :)


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