03 February, 2009

New Blog!

It's official. I've decided to jump on the review & giveaway bandwagon. I love the reviews and giveaways out there, but I haven't really found any for my daughter's age group (she's 7 [and a half, if you ask her]). Most everything is for the littles! So, I am going to do my best to get some good reviews and hopefully giveaways for that age group so that you can all enjoy! Thanks for stopping by.



  1. welcome aboard hope you love it as much as i do

  2. I think what you are doing is great!! I mean making products available for older girls!! My daughter is 5 going on 16!! A precious, energetic red head!! It is about time someone has products available for someone other than babies!!

  3. i think your giveaway idea is great too!! Great idea as a way to spread the word of mouth so to speak!!

  4. Check this out!! http://the5montagues.blogspot.com/


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