22 February, 2009


You know those moments, where you are completely reminded of why you married the man you did? [I know this is not applicable to all, just pretend if it's not, okay? :)] I had one of those last night. We are not the type of family to stay home all day, especially when it's nice out. We didn't really do much yesterday and around 10pm C was getting stir-crazy. We went driving around [one of my favorite things to do, not sure why] and while we were driving, we got to talking about my bows. See, C's ex also makes bows. Before I even knew she made them, when Punk would come to our house with them in her hair, I always hated them. I think they look like funny bugs in her hair. Last night as we were talking, he tells me, "You know, the thing I think is cool about your bows is that you can't tell they are made in someone's house. They look like something you would buy at an expensive store." AWWWWW my heart melted. He is not one to give compliments much (thanks MIL) but that just killed me. The conversation continued and he told me that he thinks they are amazing and it's really cool that I could do something like that just out of my imagination, and that all the bows Punk has worn home from her other house just aren't the same caliber as mine. And, he had a friend over the other day and told him he had to see my bows. Now, it doesn't get better than that. He told his GUY friend to come look at my bows. HOW CUTE!

Anyway, just wanted to share. As hard as he is to deal with sometimes, I know why I'm with him! :)

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  1. This is a really cute story. The fact that he made it a point to show his friend your bows was the cherry on the cake! I have moments like that with my boyfriend and I truly cherish them. I'm new to your blog. Do you have an etsy shop?



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